Pyramids on Mars – Remnants of an ancient civilization?

Two recent scientific papers published in The Journal of Space Exploration describe and analyse data from NASA which show as yet unresolved mysteries. Ananda will show these photographs and explain the profound implications of their reality in very simple English, not obtruse technical language.

The ‘Mound Configuration on Mars’ has now been reconfirmed both by NASA and ESA space probes. It is a layout on the surface of Mars made by ‘mounds’ similar in size, or larger than, the Giza pyramids. The mathematics behind this layout indicate sophisticated knowledge of a three-sided pyramid – the regular tetrahedron. How ancient are these artifacts and who placed them with such precision? An indigenous civilisation on Mars? Or an extra-solar race of galactic travellers..?


Ananda is the current president of SPSR – the Society for Planetary SETI Research. SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Life has been has been somewhat of a holy grail since the 1940s. Today we have millions of photos of the Moon and Mars to scour for evidence of ET.

Ananda has been a long-time UFO researcher and author, broadcaster, lecturer and educator in the field of computing. He describes his dramatic daytime sighting of three flying discs in his book, Massive Vimana (UFO) Over The Atomic Weapons Establishment – A Challenge For Parliament.

Born in Sri Lanka, Ananda is familiar with the philosophies of the Eastern religions and has an interest in all the mysteries of the world. He has appeared on British TV and radio programmes and has lectured around the globe. Ananda understands that the world is on the brink of a new “thought renaissance”, as the discovery of thousands of exo-planets will prove to humanity that we have never been alone in the galaxy. We will have to “end our childhood” (as Arthur C. Clarke once said) in order to join the “galactic federations” – one day.