Presentation Title: Solutions for Humanity

Today we live in an age unlike any that has come before. Humanity is at a crossroads of incredible and terrible decisions that will determine the future of our planet. All societal systems are perceived to be breaking down and the media only seems to focus on the growing list of “problems” our civilization currently faces. What if there is more to this than we are being shown? How are we to collectively manifest a better future for this planet if we have no idea what our solutions are? In this presentation Apolla Asteria takes a deep dive into the many solutions we have which involve subject matter regarding the importance of Full Disclosure, holistic education, self sustaining futuristic communities, holistic healthcare, as well as human actions and the power of the collective consciousness. The objective of the presentation is to provide not only physical but spiritual alternatives as a blueprint to rebuild the planet and bring humanity into a new age.


Apolla Asteria is an artist working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California as a SAG affiliated actress, Youtube/Podcast host, also known for being the guitarist for the multi-award winning 432hz frequency band; The Siren. She is the artist/creator of Shaman Spears, uniquely hand-crafted energy channeling devices she invented herself (

Apolla is the host of Apolla’s Odyssey which has featured live podcasts weekly and exclusive interviews from top researchers, writers, and whistleblowers from the UFO/Disclosure community she also interviews individuals on the topic of Consciousness, activists of Freedom, and the Global Paradigm Shift.

She is a Panelist and has reported for Third Phase of Moon. Besides being an artist of many forms, she is also a speaker for Conscious/Disclosure Conferences after being a lifetime researcher of UFOlogy, exopolitics, forbidden archaeology, esoteric knowledge, and metaphysics. Apolla has been considered by herself and many others to be a pioneer in the human consciousness shift movement. After a lifetime of practice in Quantum Touch Apolla is now certified on Quantum Touch Levels 1 and 2, The Wonder Method, and other modalities. Besides her studies in the paranormal, she is also a political activist for Freedom and basic human rights. She has covered live footage of many recent historical pro-freedom events and is a representative of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation. Apolla has traveled the world visiting sacred locations investigating forbidden archeology and ancient sites. Some of the events Apolla has presented at include: LA Conscious Life Expo, Camp Disclosure, United We Stand Fest, Disclosurecon, The Seventh Seal Summit and 5D Events.