Charmaine D’Rozario-Saytch

Charmaine is an ET human hybrid currently residing in southern England. She has various ET genetics including Reptilian, Lion being, Mantis, Lemaurian and Atlantean. She has always had remembrance of coming to earth from off planet and experienced many profound information downloads and experiences during her present life time and past incarnations on earth, on other planets and extraterrestrial craft. She is an international speaker, ambassador on earth for The Galactic Federation and other ET groups of light beings. She is a therapist, galactic counsellor & activator, artist and is at present working on her own book. She offers one to one and zoom sessions for everyone who is called to be in the light frequencies that she works with and channels but finds that the majority are experiencers, contactees, abductees and hybrids.

Charmaine has had life long contact, experiences and abductions with ET’s. During childhood the military began abducting her and performing experimentations which lead to a very long journey of interesting experiences with the black military, secret societies, negative ET’s, being in the breeding programme, trying to be recruited by negative groups, experimented on at underground military bases and so forth. She has met some of her hybrid children, some of which are on underground military bases. She gives a voice to all those experiencing positive, negative and everything in between with these groups and to those who are in the breeding programme. She helps people navigate the emotions and trauma from these experiences, also deactivation and removal of implants. Her galactic healing work is on the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, verbal, vibrational and frequency level to assist people to reach their full potential in a multitude of ways and in multi dimensions. She is a nutritionalist, reiki master and teacher, activation light worker and runs workshops on various aspects of personal development, positive projection, health, healing, connections to your galactic family and origins. She also assists people with dealing with past, present and future time lines, cords, attachments, soul contracts, other dimension work, personal and place clearing and negative entities detachment.

Charmaine has had regression sessions with her friends Mary Rodwell and Barbara Lamb to further uncover masked contact experiences and abductions. Charmaine featured in the book ‘Meet The Hybrids’, this was the first time she went public about her life long experiences with ET’s, the military, secret societies and the information downloads from her ET teams including healing technologies and techniques. Charmaine then spoke at The UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona, since then Charmaine has spoken at various conferences and done tv and radio interviews, which can be found online and has featured in short films and the television programme Ancient Aliens. She also featured in Caroline Corey’s film ‘Among Us’.

Charmaine is a voice and ambassador for the positive Reptilians of love and light, to bridge the divid between Humans, Hybrids & ET’s and to let people know that there are positive loving Reptilians of light who have devoted their lives to assisting the Earth at this time and all her inhabitants, heal, connect, bring in new frequencies, activate dormant ones, awaken those who have chosen the light path. Reptilians love hugs too! Much love and healing can be given, exchanged and connected with a hug.