Dean Carter is a musician and teacher (MA Oxon, PGCE Cantab) who on becoming
ill and unable to function found that working with Pure Sound was his healing salvation. Since then he has been sharing both the sound itself through Tibetan and crystal bowls and voice work (overtoning and toning), and the knowledge and technique of working with it both for self-healing and the healing of others.

We present our Divine Union Soundbaths regularly in Glastonbury, Sherborne, Shaftesbury, South Petherton, Bridport and Wimborne. ‘Divine Union’ refers to the Therapeutic Pure Sound effect that re-balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain bringing inner calm or peace.

Lie down, relax, and allow the Pure Sounds of a crystal and Tibetan bowl soundbath plus sacred vocal overtoning take you into the deeper brainwave states of ‘the relaxation response’, while charging and balancing the aura and chakras of the subtle body, and detoxing the physical body.

Experiments have proved recently that our Pure Sound modalities also increase your red blood cell count and supercharge your white blood cells.

We also present Sound Healing Trainings focusing on the use of a powerful sound healing tool you already own—your voice!