Upgrade Your Ascension Pathway

Your ascension pathway regulates your spiritual evolution. It is made up of patterns and energetic processes which direct how you engage with your spiritual path and work through the life lessons, challenges, and growth experiences chosen before incarnation.

In this session, we will work alchemically to reconfigure your energy matrix and upgrade the different aspects responsible for your ability to navigate your life path successfully.

The clearings

We will:

-clear karma, ancestral and past life imprints

-clear control grids & interference affecting your evolution

-release blocks, resistance and conditioning

-clear habits of creating more density or unnecessary challenge

The upgrade

We will:

-activate your ability to fully embody ascension

-align the speed at which you grow to your highest timeline

-expand awareness around the deeper meaning of challenges

-upgrade the level of ease in your ascension process

-open ascension gateways & opportunities for spiritual growth

-upgrade your power to release density

-activate 100% connection to the cosmic pull of ascension

This transformational process will upgrade your ascension pathway, bringing you into greater alignment with your spiritual path, and allowing you to more easily and joyfully accomplish what you set out to do before incarnation.

Dominique Mali is an alchemist, spiritual technician, systems creator, and global healer. Her gifts are deep insights into the mechanics of consciousness, and an ability to channel spiritual technology which transforms challenging blocks and upgrades the human system.

Born in Montreal, Canada, she now lives in Southern Portugal, grows vegetables, dances, plays music, writes, and explores the inner dimensions of consciousness within herself and her clients.