2023 Talk Title:

How a golden mindset can help us to navigate through these times and how to create it.


What a journey I had on this planet. When I was not even 4 years old, I could not understand the grown-ups as well as how life on earth was lived by people. I remember standing in a garden and contemplating, “What is this here ? Why is it all so strange? Why can’t they see what I’m seeing? A couple of months later, I sat on a hill with blue bells in my favourite dress in the mountains of Harz. I felt absolutely content watching the flowers and the spirit world. From a distance, I could see three old women with a basket on their backs for collecting herbs coming out of the beautiful forest. They looked at me from a distance and came closer and closer. I remember looking into their eyes, seeing the love, and feeling at home, and for the first time, understanding. They turned around to my parents and said, “You have got a very special child. It is a beautiful fairy child. ” My parents thought it was because of my looks, and I was surprised by their reactions. This event was somehow very important to me, as I discovered later in life.

Growing up was not easy for many of us in my time. Later in life, when I lived in Asia for a couple of years, I began to learn that all that I could see and believed to be true, other people knew too. In fact, Asia helped me more to be me.

Coming back to Germany, I raised my kids near the Northsea beaches and also took care of up to 35 stray cats that just came to me. It was at that time that I also started to learn more about healing besides my own abilities and studied Reiki,(Teacher), Arolo Atlantis Tifar, Lemurian Healing. Mediumship for spiritual counsellors, and taught some of these methods to many people.

It was at that time that I fell in love with Glastonbury, the sacred isle of Avalon. It did not take long and the whole family moved to England ,but it took a while to actually live in Avalon. My work continued like in Germany and I learned more skills and methods like Aura Soma and Aroma Therapy.

I also joined the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and completed their training.

In that time, I also learned as I connected my inner dots, that I am a starseed and I am strongly connected to the humanoid elves and fairies. As I still wanted to learn more, I studied Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (brain based), EFT, Mindfulness, ARCTURIAN HEALING and more.

I see it as my mission to serve people to help them have a strong spiritually positive mindset that helps them go through the Ascension process and to help them connect more with nature and all beings in a loving way.