2023 Talk Title: Through The Portal Of Your Heart
Come together in ceremony on the sacred Ilse of Avalon, the earth’s heart chakra, to drop deep into your being and reconnect with your divinity. Assisted by the breath, powerful earth energies, embodiment practices and cacao we will guide you deep into your heart and soul. Reconnecting you to your truth, your role, your power, amidst the spiritual awakening we find ourselves in at this time on earth.

Joshua has a background that combines leading edge western science with ancient eastern tradition, having studied neuroscience and trauma. Specialising in somatic tools, breathwork and bodywork to reconnect people to their divinity, their essence, who they truly are. Empowering people through healing to live a more free and empowered life, with a deeper connection to self, others and spirit. His work supports men in returning to their sacred masculine core through healing and deep transformation.