Laurie D. Wheeler, owner of WellnessWithin, is a transformational holistic
practitioner of over 25 years, trained in homeopathy and soul regression-
hypnotherapy. As an adjunct, she works as an energy receptor and translator
which entails medical intuition, channeling, speaking light language and as a shamanic practitioner. Working with codes of Light and sacred geometry, she
will transmit, activate, and recalibrate dormant DNA, in order to raise the soul’s

Laurie nurtures one to find and develop a more authentic self. Her work and
programs are designed to help individuals or group participants to recognize
their individual or group power, passion, truth, strength, creativity and
motivation – “the juice for purposeful living”. Her highest mission is to work
with the principles of true healing and the energy force it seeks to transcend. 

Laurie is the author of Oh, No! Not Another Learning Experience – a
Metamorphosis. Through her work, she shares the foundational message of
her book: “Our learning experiences and life lessons carry us along the river of
life to help us evolve.”

Laurie Wheeler