Living your Divine Blueprint

Living your Divine Blueprint is living your Highest Potential, in alignment with what you came to do on Earth. Your guides and angels would like to open a door to a Path of Light that leads to your Divine Blueprint, so you can immerse yourself in its blessings. You are encouraged to open your Heart to Experiencing, Understanding, Integrating and Living your Divine Blueprint.

In addition to an in-depth exploration, we will also go into a guided experience of the Divine Blueprint. We will work with the energies of Archangel Michael, guides from Pleaides and the Healing Template of Lemuria.


1. We define Healing as a realization that you are already whole, in combination with integrating the realization on all levels.

2. Nothing in our talks, workshops and products replaces medical care or medical treatment. Please go to a qualified doctor if you need medical assistance.


Michiel Kroon was born and grew up in the Netherlands. While following his formal education, he also studied yoga and meditation and had his first spiritual awakening. After university, he decided to switch his focus and to align his life with his spiritual purpose on a deeper level. It was his care-work with children in the late 2000s that refined his focus to find a living truth within his Heart.

He then had another powerful spiritual awakening in Glastonbury, England and began to channel Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian energy. He applied it in private healing sessions and then in workshops in southwest England. During this period, he also expressed this connection in the visual and sound arts with exhibitions at the Glastonbury Galleries.

Leanne Ta’Iki Anawa had a spiritual awakening during the Harmonic Convergence in the late 1980s and started meditating at an early age. She attended an art college, but her focus shifted from art to psychology.

Leanne’s continuing meditation practice led to a second spiritual awakening in 2011, which opened a transformational connection with past lives and guides from Lemuria. For a while, she worked as a clinical psychologist during the week, and offered readings and Lemurian Healing on the weekends. She is now a full-time visionary artist, and working with people on many different levels and dimensions.

Before settling in Glastonbury, Michiel and Leanne traveled to inspirational landscapes across England, and to Wales, the Netherlands, the South of France, Spain and Ibiza, to work on and share The Lemurian Starchild Oracle message. The Lemurian Starchild Oracle was Self-Published in 2019 and over 5000 copies have now been sold all around the world.

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