Why it’s important to be a ‘Frequency Keeper’ on Planet Earth

We live in a time of Keepers of Frequency. Information is light; light is information. You are electromagnetic creatures, and everything that you are, you broadcast to everyone else. The more you become informed, the more you alter your frequency. The more you heal core wounds, the more your frequency RISES. All thoughts produce energetic vibrations; even though you cannot see these frequencies, the airwaves are full of vibrations. This talk discusses tools and techniques to raise your frequency. How to get on your highest timeline, and what it takes to hold a Frequency as a Frequency Keeper.  



Best Selling Author and Publisher at Radhaa Publishing House,

Teacher of Goddess Activations™ Modality at Goddess Code Academy

As a Publishing Priestess, Radhaa understands the importance of curating Books encoded with frequencies that support people to remember who they are. Radhaa helps authors birth their stories, market books, and become bestselling authors seen and recognized as experts in their field. Radhaa Publishing House has successfully launched multiple Best-Selling collaborative books and continues to support authors to shine in visibility, publicity, and book signings. 

Radhaa loves diving into life’s mysteries, delving into the creative arts, and rifting on the Galactic Goddess podcast with guests. Having always been a seeker, especially through her own experiences, Radhaa scribes as a way of alchemizing and integrating every fractal of this precious journey. An advocate of diverse voices of the feminine, visionaries, alchemists, healers, and starseeds, Radhaa understands the importance of creating sacred containers where authors can be fully supported through a creative process of incubating, developing, and writing their most sacred stories. Radhaa is honored to support you in writing  your Legacy.

As a long-term teacher and keeper of the Mystery School, Radhaa dedicated several books to Goddess teachings and feminine empowerment. Radhaa has worked with Goddess Energy to support women in healing the deepest feminine wounds with her original healing modality, Goddess Activations™. In her daily prayers for peace and sovereignty, Radhaa’s deepest devotional healing work for humanity is to produce legendary books that inspire the human spirit to keep Rising.