The Venusian Mission

Rob will speak about his meeting with a The Venusian Moon Base Commander Aura Rhanes & Ahl Lahn the 2400-year-old Venusian Security Chief. He will sharing many other direct messages & wonderful new information that is in regard to the Venusian and Galactic Federation of Lights mission on earth. There are many things to discuss to understand this ongoing process to liberate ourselves from our current planetary situation. 

Rob was allowed to record and ask questions of this Venusian Commander. He will share as many of the answers to his questions as time allows. This is the first real recorded Video interview to be shared with the public by the Galactic Federation and the Venusians. The contact experiences are increasing and the messages of our space family are becoming more and more in-depth in their nature. Join us as we begin to acquire more knowledge and information directly from the Venusians themselves!

This will be a very groundbreaking presentation conversation be sure


Rob is a world-renowned, real physical contactee of the Venusians and the Pleiadeans. He shares his knowledge freely about travelers from these worlds. He has been having actual physical encounters with our space family since he was 17. 

Rob is a contactee of over 45 years and is happy to be able to speak about the messages of love and peace that our friends from the stars  told Rob to give to the world. 

In this first-ever exclusive official Venusian message and contact, he is allowed to share with the public is a simple message. This recorded message you will see was an arranged interview of answers from a female Venusian spaceship commander acting as a Venusian emissary. The answers are elegant and are very beautiful messages in and of themselves.

His friend and fellow contactee Raymond Keller helped arrange this very real meeting and encounter. In the message we will receive directly from Rob will give The Venusian Hierarchy of Light has a  message of love & hope for the people of earth.He has a website called: 

Rob leads sacred site tours to South America, Bolivia and Peru and Egypt and Hawaii to name a few. Please check the website for upcoming tour dates in 2020 to Machu Picchu and Bolivia.  

Rob is working very closely with Venusians and he says their philosophies and technological advancement can surely serve to enlighten earth towards an era of peace and prosperity for all. Rob’s personal face-to-face contacts are increasing and have given him much new and relevant information to share with the world. 

Rob says to heal our world and create peace we should emancipate our minds and free ourselves from tyranny to be able embody equality justice liberty and fraternity in our societies. Can we grasp the reality of what is happening? Can we accept the message and act on the wisdom offered to us by our solar brothers and sisters from Venus? 

Rob is seeking speaking engagements and shares the latest developments and plans for the liberation of the planet given to him from The Interdimensional Galactic Confederation of Light and the Ascended Masters. Rob may also answer as many questions as possible related to the individual and planetary “Ascension” process.