Sage is an Educational Psychologist, Energy and sound Practitioner, SEN Specialist and Meditation Instructor. Who has been on her spiritual journey for most of her life but came more aware of her existence and wanted to find out more in her 20’s. Over 20 years on she has come to understand this journey is the growth she chose to learn, experience, and unpack.

Sage has been meditating for over 20 years and connected with Tibetan Meditation through her lineage. Meditation and energy healing allows her to tap into her inner guides in turn creates a
whole new way of how she connects with self and others.


Learn how 3 beings came to visit Sage and changed her life. She will share how she now works on different forms of assignments with them and will share the message they have for us humans.

In 2017 3 beings came to visit her. She now shares a deep meaningful relationship with them that leads to a journey that has changed her life. She now shares to others her story and experiences to empower the love and energy that is in all of us.