Daisy Foss is a Global Presenter and International Healer. She assists in Opening Hearts in the New Now with the Angels of Awakening. She specialises in assisting those that wish to move forward in their life and no longer want to hang on to their programmed responses, your past ‘Ways Of Being’.

Whether you live with trauma, addiction, bereavement, physical, emotional or mental issues, now is the time to take care of yourself. Daisy will take the time to help you transform and release all those old positions the ego takes on.

Over the past 22 years she has successfully built a vast international client base. Daisy has studied many forms of healing whilst travelling the world extensively, learning about different cultures, their beliefs and spiritual practises. 

She has trained and qualified in more than 24 different modalities of healing. Over the years she has established her own healing practice, using compassion and humour to reach and unlock those who would never have considered it possible to achieve such in-depth self-awareness.

Gaining experience as a TV presenter on QVC, Daisy developed a great fondness for presenting programmes on aspects of fitness and health. She also hosted many Workshops, Talks and Events outside of the television studio. Broadcasting regularly across Europe she entertained a global audience of 8 million plus with her unique character and humour. Where she shared  her advice and wisdom amongst a following, keen to learn about the different aspects of fitness, health and wellbeing.

Daisy has maintained her determination and drive throughout her journey as a healer. She is an award-winning Editorial Contributor to many magazines, especially ‘Soul and Spirit Magazine’, where she shares her wisdom and knowledge of all aspects of Spiritual Enlightenment on a regular basis.

Daisy has a clinic in London, which she has been running for the last 22 years, as well as being the Founder of ‘Daisy Centres Retreat’ which was located in Glastonbury, Somerset UK for 14 years until 2022. Join our Daisy Centres Online Community on Facebook to stay connected to the magic of Avalon with the Rose Quartz Community through Rosie, our magnificent Rose Quartz residing in the Sri Gour Kripa Dham Ashram in Glastonbury.