E Light Bio 

E Light (birth name Ellen Lucy Holmes) is a multidimensional crystalline consciousness activator, kundalini yoga teacher, healer, sacred geometer, new earth pioneer, soul coach and light language channel. In 2013 she went through a kundalini awakening where angels took her hand guiding her along the path of self healing and mastery. Today she helps others in awakening and developing their spiritual connection and gifts, bridging the consciousness of new earth and activating the crystalline merkabah light body.

Personal Story

I haven’t always been on the spiritual path, in fact I strayed far from God and repressed my natural spiritual gifts in the first part of my life. I grew up living a very mainstream British life style. I did what was expected of me and on the surface I was a “golden child” with good grades and national sporting achievements, beneath the surface however I was barely surviving the psychic mindfield of the matrix and was a miserable emotional cascade of repressed trauma with little to no eduction or awareness of the important role the inner world and psychic realms plays in cultivating a healthy, happy and enjoyable life. The first half of my teenage years I spent as a competitive 800m athlete on track for the olympics.

Yet I was running away from my self and used sport to mask the internal pain of unresolved traumas. By the time I was 16 however my internal world manifested and I became injured and in turn turned my back on the track. I took to wild wreck less partying and rebellious behaviour instead, an interesting polarity, to the disciplined life of the athlete but one that still had me running from myself until at 19 when it all came to a head and I hit rock bottom. I had strayed so far from myself I did not want to live anymore.

I was in my first year at university and the idea of continuing in the grey soul sucking world I found myself faced with was unbearable to say the least. I felt deep within there was more to life and that there must be another way. So like my life depended on it I turned and prayed to God and asked to be saved. What unfolded changed my life forever, where over the period of 4 months I experienced my first kundalini awakening, where the doors to the psychic realms were officially opened.

Angels began communication with me and guided me along the process of self healing and developing my psychic gifts and abilities. I submerged myself in spiritual study and practise and embarked on an epic spiritual adventure of a life time. As I healed my internal world I began to see this reflected back to me in my external world, in turn awakening in new light to the power within. Over the years in addition to the angels other multidimensional guides, ascended masters and light beings began to work with me training and guiding me in spiritual ascension. Today I am primarily an ambassador, channel, messenger, activator and bridge for the Order of Melchizedek, the galactic command of Jesus Christ and my core guides and star family a council of celestial giants known as the guardians. The guardians are the elders of humanity who were here before guiding us in the beginning of human creation. They bridge the new earth and universal consciousness through my channel facilitating light body and planetary activation.

Following my initial awakening I graduated in 2016 from university where I had been studying graphic design and photography, I started my travels and light work to awaken humanity to the majesty of God.

Today I spend my life assisting other in spiritual awakening, whilst travelling around the world studying with different masters, yogis, gurus, shaman and teachers, ancient spiritual practises, meditation, mystical arts and healing modalities. In addition to my spiritual studies I have spent much of the past 6 years assisting the disclosure of our star families, as a cofounder of The Ufology World Congress, as well as creating a New Earth mystery school and temple of light, where I share the most transformational teachings that I have found in my own process. Above and beyond the multidimensional crystalline galactic activation I am here to facilitate, ultimately I am here to point you back to you and awaken you to the power within you shining light for our unbound human potential.

“Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow.”

~ The Talmud

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